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Complete the simple form and upload your verified documents, and your application is submitted directly to the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)

Our unique system offers FAST DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND CHECK RESULTS across the UK. Apply now and you could get your results before the end of today!

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Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate all your help
Just to let you know I've received my paper copy of my CRB. Many thanks for all your help on this
Thank you for your email and hard work. I shall wait for the outcome as informed
Thank you for your patience and advice. Kind regards, Jay
Thank you Jess. That's very clear 🙂

Apply For A Disclosure Scotland Check (CRB Check/DBS Check)

Individuals: Please be aware that this service is for details of an individuals’ unspent criminal convictions (if they have any). It is also called a Criminal Record check and is issued by the DBS

Apply for your Disclosure Scotland check online, using our fast results systems. You could receive your results within 12 working hours of submitting your documents

We set-up your secure application immediately and email you a link
within a few minutes (office hours only) to upload your verified
documents to the Disclosure & Barring Service system

If you’ve already had your documents verified, just upload them directly

FREE Fast-Track service
Results Usually Within 12 Hours

Employers: If you’re applying for a DBS check for an employee on behalf of your organisation, you can apply for a Basic, Standard, Enhanced, or Enhanced With Barring level DBS check, depending on the role applied for

As the employer, you will verify the documents yourself, and therefore won’t need to get the ID documents verified elsewhere

You will still need to provide us with the document details and keep a copy for your own records. It is your responsibility to ensure you’re following DBS guidelines when applying on behalf of employees

We aim to return the results for 90% of applications within 12 working hours of receiving your verified documents

Which Level Of Check Do You Need?

Standard & Enhanced level checks are FOR EMPLOYERS ONLY

Disclosure Scotland

£68.00plus VAT

DS Fee: £25.00
Service Charge: £45.00
VAT: £9.00

Standard DBS Check

£68.00plus VAT

DBS Fee: £23.00
Service Charge: £45.00
VAT: £9.00

Enhanced DBS Check

£85.00plus VAT

DBS Fee: £40.00
Service Charge: £45.00
VAT: £9.00

Enhanced With Barring

£85.00plus VAT

DBS Fee: £40.00
Service Charge: £45.00
VAT: £9.00