The Terms And Conditions Of Using This Website

The terms and conditions of use for this website. I agree to these terms by completing an application form, and going through to the payment page.

I understand that the Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland are Executive Agencies. They carry out specific criminal record checks as requested. They then issue certificates which give details of an individual’s criminal convictions, or state that they have none, or no criminal convictions. So I hereby authorise DBS Services through CBS Screening Limited to verify the information presented in my application. This is then presented for a criminal record check. This is for the purpose of performing a Basic Disclosure check through the relevant Executive Agency.

If required, I authorise the organisation requesting this check to scan and to upload the completed certificate into the online Basic Disclosure application system. This will enable a recruitment decision to be made. Therefore I confirm that my consent is explicit, fully informed and freely given for the purposes of obtaining a disclosure certificate as stated above.

By signing this declaration, I agree that I have provided complete and true information in support of the application. I understand that knowingly making a false statement for this purpose is a criminal offence.

I have read and understood the DBS statement of fair processing. Therefore, I give consent to the Responsible Organisation receiving an electronic notification once the application has been processed. This will state that either the ‘Certificate contains no information’ or ‘Please wait to view applicant certificate’.


I declare that the information I have given is complete and correct. I understand that to knowingly make a false statement in this application is a criminal offence. Further, I will give any additional information that may be required to verify the information given. In addition, I will immediately notify any changes to this information, and agree to these terms and conditions.